Throughout the Day


  1. Home-classing should come as no surprise. One of the best ways to train your children is to teach them...literally. Rich Wagner, author of "The Expeditionary Man," speaks from the experience of raising three boys. He highly recommends particularly fathers find some time during their week to teach at least one class. The benefits are straightforward. You get "hands on" time to model learning, monitor their development, understand their motivators and love language, and “connect the dots” to the source of all knowledge.

  2. I don't know a homeschool momma who wouldn't love this idea. :) Seriously, it is such a help when my husband "tag-teams" me at lunch. Even if a dad "can't" actually teach a subject, he can live a lifestyle of teaching. My good husband is the primary life teacher of our boys. From explaining why the sky is blue to discussing issues that are brought up due to a news report or sermon on the radio. my husband is forever connecting and making the training of our boys as natural as breathing.

  3. At least once a week, sometimes more often, I ask my boys: "What's the most important thing in all the world?"

    The rehearsed answer is "Loving and serving Jesus!"

    Then I ask, "What's the second most important thing in all the world?"

    Answer: "Loving and serving other people."

    This simple catechism reinforces Matt. 22:37-40. There is nothing in life that does not hang up Loving God and Loving others.