Monday, April 11, 2011

Proverbs 11:1, Black Clouds, and Hosea 8:7

This morning I came to breakfast planning to talk about Proverbs 11:1 with my boys.
Proverbs 11:1 A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, But a just weight is His delight.
I was going to talk about the importance of honesty, why God hates dishonesty, and reinforce the standard "Woe be unto you if you tell a lie!" speech that I heard many times as a kid and have integrated into my child rearing.

The boys were really sleepy at breakfast so I thought I'd let them listen in to me talk to Marianne about this verse. I quoted it and then asked her what she thought it meant.

Almost immediately after she said, "God hates dishonesty," she looked out the window and exclaimed about the really black clouds that were billowing into Cincinnati from the West. That led to a comment about tornado warnings, and the boys were off and running asking questions about tornadoes.

So much for Proverbs 11:1!

Rather than insist upon my previous plan; however, I shifted gears and quoted Hosea 8:7 (No, I couldn't remember the reference this morning, just the first half of the verse!).
They [the wicked] sow the wind and reap the whirlwind [a tornado]
Why not capitalize on little boys' fascination with tornadoes? So we talked about how a little sin reaps big problems. You breath out a few disrespectful words and a tornado descends on you (in the form of a wrathful parent).

I want my boys to know you can't sin and get away with it. Sow a wind, reap a whirlwind!


  1. I've really enjoyed your practical posts. My dad was one for taking every opportunity to make scripture points...we've actually joked about it since we've been grown. He tells us his dad did the same thing - they would be sitting on a park bench outside a store waiting on his mom and his dad would teach them... I really treasure the gift he gave me, that was given to him. And I have myself braced for some teasing when the kids are older since I tend to making a lesson out of everything - your blog has given me a new bit of courage - it matters. :>)

  2. I am enjoying this blog. Thank you for taking the time for it. It is refreshing to see other parents sharing this same passion. Keep up the good work.
    Phillip in Colombia