Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's the most important thing in all the world?

At least once a week, sometimes more often, I ask my boys: "What's the most important thing in all the world?"

The rehearsed answer is "Loving and serving Jesus!" (cf. Deut. 6:5)

Then I ask, "What's the second most important thing in all the world?"

Answer: "Loving and serving other people." (cf. Lev. 19:18)

This simple catechism reinforces Matt. 22:37-40. There is nothing in life that does not hang upon Loving God and Loving others.

Yesterday, when I asked Daniel the first question, he ran them both together: "Loving and serving Jesus and loving other people."

When I insisted that we have to serve other people, he balked: "Why do we have to serve other people?" And that led to a discussion of Jesus as the greatest servant and his statement, "If anyone would be great among you, let him be the servant of all."

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  1. I am enjoying your posts about training along the way - every day. I Have been thinking lately about the effort to fill our kids' minds with valuable scripture and catechism and theology...and how important it is to help funnel it from their heads into their hearts. Through conversation. Talking. Prodding. Listening. Exploring the subject of the day (loved your tornado story). It is a challenging occupation. And so much fun. I'm glad you mentioned the encouraging "line upon line" truth. So glad they soak in more than they let on sometimes. : )